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Business Coaching

“This month we took about $104,000 plus accounts. The number sounds good, but more to the point our Gross Profit (GP) is up where it should be. 

Our accountant rang last week, (shriek), he has just completed last years tax for us. His words were along the line of "of all the businesses he deals with, he has never seen a business turn around like ours". Neridah and I attribute this to your time and persistence with us. Thank you.”

Trevor and Neridah, Murwillumbah Mowers and Chainsaws.

"Phil is an excellent business coach who helped me focus on the things I needed to do to turn my work into a genuine business. Phil coached me on putting in basic procedures, improved my time management and organisation skills, and helped me appreciate the basics of running a successful business".

Lee, Personal health care products, wholesaler and retailer.

"Since I have been working with Phil, I have set actions with time frames in place for everything I do in my business…he holds me accountable for them, and I have learnt so much and grown so much as a result of this. I now feel in control of my business and feel confident I can succeed with growing my business and opening another store."

Sarah, Surf wear fashion retailer.

“I was very surprised with the accuracy of the DISC Personal Profile which I believe in my case was about 95% accurate. I really enjoyed the strengths and weaknesses section, which reminded me of what I do well and has encouraged me to analyse and work on my weaknesses to make me more effective in what I do.

I think that this tool is invaluable in saving time and money for employers who want to recruit the most effective staff for their organisation.”

Ingrid Johansen, Marketing Consultant, Novaskill Employment and Training, Ballina NSW

“My coach gave me more than I expected – (he) went out of his way to make valuable contacts on my behalf and made suggestions about various issues that were beyond our original brief:”

Jan, Professional author and Independent Professional

“I have enjoyed the coaching experience and implementing a range of new ideas which has increased my profits. I like being able to talk over problems and to be honest about situations with my coach. Coaching has to be the best idea for the year!”

Trish, Retail Franchisee and Independent Businesswoman

“I have gained a better understanding of how I habitually approach problem-solving and what I need to do to improve this process. My coach is continually challenging me to look at the situation in a different way.”

Craig, Small Business Owner

“Enlightening and Empowering. I have learnt that I know a very small portion of what I need to know and that this is the biggest threat to my financial security…. that business isn’t rocket science and the answers to any difficulties are readily available if you are wise enough to listen and brave enough to re-invent yourself, with the assistance of your coach. Thanks Phil.”

Retail Music Store Owner

"My coach is constantly introducing me to new tools and processes that help me to do a better job and to think in different ways. A very supportive and stimulating relationship has developed and I’m so glad I met my coach”

Janette, Director of Integrative Medicine, International Day Spa.

Executive Coaching and Business & Human Resources Consulting

“Phil you have been a major influence in my life during a time that was very difficult when taking over as Regional Manager of a not for profit organisation in 2012. Not only did you help me sift through the pros and cons of being in this role but you helped me manoeuvre through many of the self-doubts I experienced in my transition from manager to leader.

You identified a weakness of mine on the first coaching day and advised me that it is futile to spend time trying to do everything perfectly. Another daily practice you recommended is to review everything daily and reflect over them and take corrective action. Together we have created many great successes and triumphs along the way. I have personally become more confident, independent in my decisions and stance as well as a bigger thinker in my scope of possibilities more than ever before in my business and personal life.

You are a brilliant coach and I cannot recommend you highly enough to all who need your coaching expertise and caring genuine style!”

Tracey Prior, House with No Steps, Regional Manager - Western NSW

"Do you desire to grow and gain valuable tools to maximise outcomes for you, your team and organisation? Do you seek to be encouraged, understood, challenged and equipped?

Then I highly recommend Phil Daly of Pinnacle Business Solutions. Phil delivered on this AND more. Weekly updates, scheduled coaching and tailored training for the team and associated networks.

Proven experience and a down to earth approach combined to propel the individual and team on a trajectory for success". I highly recommend Pinnacle.  Well done Phil Daly!

Tarran Deane, Former Regional General Manager - Queensland National Not-for-Profit organisation

"In my capacity as Regional Director of UnitingCare Ageing – North Coast Region, I have known and had professional dealings with Phil Daly and Pinnacle Business Solutions since February 2004. It is my pleasure to provide this testimonial to his professional services.

During this time Pinnacle Business Solutions has delivered a range of services to this organisation on a consultancy basis including:

  • Individual executive coaching and professional development services,
  • Group management coaching,
  • Teamwork sessions,
  • Workshop facilitation.
  • Facilitation of strategic planning sessions involving a wide range of stakeholders; and
  • Development of operational business plans. 

In each different application Phil demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism in his approach, delivery and follow through of the individual project. His ability to deliver an individually tailored solution to any business challenge we presented him with has been an asset to our organisation. He was able to develop a unique understanding of the project brief and deliver a professional outcome that often exceeded our expectations. 

I have also worked personally with Phil through an Executive Coaching program. 

As a leader of an organisation employing approximately 400 staff and caring for over 700 clients I benefited greatly from his expert and professional guidance. 

His insight and ability to challenge my thinking and management style to effect ongoing growth and development of my management skills have been my “secret weapon” and contributing factors to my success in this role in the face of challenging and changing times and that have overflowed into other areas of my life. 

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services to others and look forward to continuing to work with him in the future." 

Anne Leeson - Regional Director

Business Planning and Facilitation

"After running a small business for 6 years, most small businesses would not think that a business plan would be that important, as we have got this far. I asked Phil Daly from PINNACLE Business Solutions to assist me in constructing a business plan to obtain finance to buy out my 3 partners to take our business out of a small business syndrome into a medium business mentality.

With Phil facilitating the process I was ensured a quality outcome as he kept our business planning team on track providing clear direction. Phil provided a very much needed sounding board, as his past experiences allow him to look at issues pragnmatically, making our team look at the real issues, both from 'left of field' and right in front of us, that are too easily missed.

After I approached the bank to complete the $1million buyout, I was commended by the bank about the quality of my submission, which was largely the business plan we developed with PINNACLE Business Solutions.

Phil helped facilitate the thoughts of not only myself, but another partner and staff members to get the best out of us."

Matthew J. Denehy,  Managing Director, Eagle Insurance Brokers, Byron Bay NSW

All testimonials are from real clients, both past and present. In some cases, full details have been left off the site to protect the privacy of the individual.

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