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Today, with many organisations developing flatter management structures with matrix communication and reporting lines, and where change is a constant, the people side of the equation is often forgotten.

People in their quest for knowledge and the development of skills are searching for support and guidance, however many managers are simply struggling to find the time or in some cases lack the necessary capabilities to assist.

The PINNACLE Business Solutions Executive Coaching Program is specifically designed for each person's unique concerns. The coaching may be a part of a leadership development or team-building program. It can also occur as part of a major organisational cultural change program, or to assist senior management execute strategy throughout the organisation.

Coaching is a powerful process of learning, growth and development

It is a collaborative relationship between a coach and their client, which enables, through a process of discovery, goal-setting and strategic actions, the actualisation of what they most want in their business unit, organisation and their lives.

Essentially, our program is aligned with the corporate goals of the organisation and serves as an invaluable resource for the individual and the organisation.

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Tips for Picking the Right Executive Coach

With the Australian economy still emerging from a fluctuating economy, gaps may need to be filled and companies must do more with less. Providing executive coaches to high-potential performers is one way to get the most from untapped talent.

Unfortunately, many executives select a coach based on referrals from colleagues, without adequately considering personal needs. The person sponsoring the engagement usually sends a few coaches for interviews and asks the executive to select one based on “fit.”

But without a greater understanding of what happens in a coaching relationship, it’s difficult to make a fair assessment and pick a good match

In Your Executive Coaching Solution (Davies-Black, 2007), Joan Kofodimos says a coach should help the person-being-coached to achieve most of the following: 

  1. Strike a balance between supporting and challenging yourself.
  2. Create feedback loops with colleagues.
  3. Clarify your true strengths, values and or purpose.
  4. Understand and commit to the personal and professional development process.
  5. Broaden your perspectives.
  6. Learn new interpersonal concepts and skills.
  7. Maintain a confidential and safe environment to become more self-aware.
  8. Influence how others view you.

Pick a coach for Support and the Ability to Challenge You

expandYou’re more likely to open up to a coach who creates a safe, confidential and trusting environment. PINNACLE Business Coaches accomplish this in part by demonstrating they understand and respect your interests, values and concerns.

But coaches must also provide challenges that motivate you to perform beyond your habitual behaviours; confront you directly, yet non-judgmental, with the impact of your actions; and probe the motives and assumptions underlying your behaviours. At PINNACLE Business Solutions, we believe this is essential for a successful coaching relationship.

Structuring the Development Processprofessional

Your PINNACLE Business Coach will help you manage each step of the coaching process.

Action-based learning for the executive who wants results by working with a proven system and an experienced coach...

  • Commit to fully engage in the coaching process. 
  • Get input from others
  • Review feedback and plan development 
  • Hold regular coaching meetings to learn and practice new  behaviours
  • Implement behaviours in your daily work and personal life
  • Assess actual results in your personal and work life.

For Guidance in Allowing Your Perspectives to Evolvethumbsup

Your PINNACLE Business Coach will help you break free of any limiting beliefs and assumptions. A significant shift in perspective can occur when your coach:

  • Provides additional viewpoints
  • Plays 'devil's advocate'
  • Looks at situations as others might
  • Asks new questions to allow you to reach those "aha" moments
  • Offers new approaches to put your new discoveries into practice.

Help in Learning New Concepts and Skills

PINNACLE Business Coaches present a mental model of what leadership means, what it takes to be effective and the key skills required. Your PINNACLE Business Coach will teach skills relevant to your particular situation and assist with your implementation in daily sharpen your interpersonal skills.

Choose for Confidentiality

Your PINNACLE Business Coach will effectively navigate risky waters filled with sensitive, confidential information. Because there are no other relationships that must be protected, beyond the coaching relationship, both you and your PINNACLE Business Coach can say the "unsayable" to each other in this safe, confidential and trusting environment; which helps you to reach an area of self-awareness where there is great leverage for developmental change.

Assistance in Helping You Influence Others' Views of You


You learn how to help your colleagues notice the changes you make by inviting them to become involved in your development through providing you with requested feedback in specific situations.

The PINNACLE Business Coach, an experienced coach, will help you influence others' views by:

  • Positively managing your relationships
  • Assessing key colleagues' willingness to share their feedback from participating with you in customer and internal company conversations
  • Helping you solicit ongoing feedback on relevant behaviours

How Does the Executive Coach add Value?

Corporations have discovered Coaches to be valuable resources for developing their people and adding value to the organisation.

Some examples of where a PINNACLE Business Coach will add value:

  • DSC 2715b Exec Coaching webWorking with newly appointed key people to make the successful transition
  • Assisting senior management execute innovation and/or strategy change management and leadership during restructures and mergers
  • Working with valued and talented employees who are dealing with specific developmental challenges or issues
  • Assisting a technical or functional manager to develop leadership competencies
  • Following a performance review, 180° or 360° survey
  • To improve the effectiveness of an established executive
  • Supporting an on-going training initiative that requires consistent reinforcement and an objective perspective
  • Providing on-going support to teams lacking cohesion or looking to achieve ambitious goals for the business unit and company
  • Career counselling, thereby overcoming restructure/merger "blues" due to an executive no longer "fitting" the new organisation.

No matter what the context, our coaching is not just about increasing performance. The focus is on shifting the observer, not just making incremental changes in action.

guaranteeBy shifting the observer, the learning becomes transformational as new possibilities not available before become visible as opportunities for learning and growth.

PINNACLE Business Solutions take pride in the transformational results we produce and as with all of our programs we guarantee your satisfaction.


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