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"If we look at the happiest, most successful people and companies, they're those that have a positive attitude about continuously improving. It's growth. It's something new. It's an adventure," explains author Laurie Sudbrink in her new book, "Leading with GRIT".

"When leading with GRIT, you are being called to a higher level of leadership performance that will have the greatest impact on your organisation, as well as your own success and happiness in life," Sudbrink concludes.

The key to efficient change is either forward, change, and grow or be stagnant, go backward and die. That's what happens if we don't make the changes that are necessary for our companies or for our lives.

This is the crossroad: Do you want to change or not?

Any way you look at it, change is growth. Change stretches our brains, and our brains actually love the exercise of change. It's what keeps us young and happy, if we embrace it rather than resist it.

When we find we are resisting change, we need to respect that it is natural to go through a psychological change process as we give up the old and come to either accept or reject the new. Change can take time, and if we have a way to guide ourselves and others through change, it makes it a whole lot easier.

Here are the Five Steps of Change:

1. Awareness: Change begins with awareness, and admittedly, being aware can be challenging.

2. Desire: Changing habits begins with awareness, and desire is what gets you motivated. The desire is you want to; it's your passion, purpose and commitment.

3. Knowledge: Knowing your desire, your why, opens you up to accepting the what and the how. Desire is the emotion, the why, and it will fuel the knowledge. Knowing the how gives us confidence and support.

4. Action: When it comes to taking action, many people stall or never get started. They get the knowledge they need, and then nothing happens. Why?

Think of times in your life when you've gathered the knowledge you needed and then you didn't do anything with it. Not allowing fear to paralyse you but having a healthy respect for it and for consequences can propel you into action.   Taking action is about practicing what we learn until it becomes a habit.

5. Perseverance: Maybe you take action, and you fall flat on your face. You feel like you've failed. Get up, shake it off, keep going. Try something different. Just don't judge it and get stuck in the negative. Typically the change you desire won't happen overnight. Be patient. Persevere.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."   Socrates

Reference:   Laurie Sudbrink: “Leading with GRIT: Inspiring Action and Accountability with Generosity, Respect, Integrity, and Truth”.

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