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"I can't go back to yesterday - because I was a different person then." Lewis Carroll

We grow in tiny bursts of new awareness that push us forward until the next lesson comes along. If we miss or ignore these lessons, we don't get to pass GO or collect $200. We get the lesson served back to us by the universe until we master that level. Don’t you just hate that!!! So take and accept the lesson…

On many workstyle profiles I show up as an extrovert, however, I am beginning to think as I get a little older, I am moving more to my introvert stage in life, so this book ‘Hidden Brilliance’ really took my eye and interest.

High-achieving introverts often feel the intense tug between the drive to achieve more and the need for solitude, between going out to conquer the world fighting with the desire to simply be alone. And there is an Achilles heel that every high-achieving introvert has: a keen sensitivity to inner critics, those voices telling us we aren't enough of something - not good enough, qualified enough, attractive enough, smart enough.

Everyone has inner critics, but some people seem able to move past them more easily than others. For those addicted to achievement, like high-achievers, this is the place where perfectionism breeds, and where nothing is ever enough. And the introvert's tendency to spend hours a day, thinking, exacerbates the inner critic.
In this book, by Katie Rasoul: ‘Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvert's Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big’ you'll discover:
• How to harness the benefits of being both a high-achiever and an introvert in your business, whether you're a leader, an entrepreneur, or both,
• Why the voice of your inner critics are so present in your life and have prevented you from taking bold action in the past,
• What to do and what to give up, in order to be effective, fulfilled, confident -at home, in your business, and as a leader, and
• Daily habits and practices that will allow you to tap into your strengths, as a high-achiever, to lean into leadership and do your best work with energy and enthusiasm, every day.

As an entrepreneur and leader, greatness is absolutely within your reach if you can discover how to harness the dual power of your audacious goals and your introverted ability to focus, you can do anything.

As you gain new awareness about yourself and how you placed inordinate value on accomplishment, you have a big "A-ha!" moment at first discovery. But following that took many reminders of the same new idea as you adjusted to the new rule you were trying to create for yourself.

Those critical, tangible steps that you have taken to remain close to this new mindset, allow yourself the permission to not worry about "what if" for future days.
As you act, as if the things you really want to achieve were already happening, they do. Honour this new mindset, while acting accordingly, and true alignment will begin to matter most for you.

Reference: Katie Rasoul: Hidden Brilliance: A High-Achieving Introvert's Guide to Self-Discovery, Leadership and Playing Big

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