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How did you feel when you first heard or read the expression, "you are the captain of your soul?" It struck fear in my heart, as this was not my map for life as an inquisitive and but not too sensitive 13 year old. I did think it was important, but didn't know how to deal with it.

Let's conduct an experiment with the power of words. How do you feel when you change the word "soul" to "life," revising the expression to, "you are the captain of your life?"

Is the new statement more palatable and less daunting?

I have come to know and believe there is no difference between "becoming the captain of your soul" and "becoming the captain of your life."

I want to share with you neuroscience principles and practices that will help you gain mastery over your life.

Life will flow easier and you will experience more of what you want in less time, thus making life more fulfilling. Becoming "captain" is a wonderful and evolving experience.

Step 1: Understand How your Brain is Wired to Receive and Process Sensory Information

Your sensory and cognitive thinking strengths and "blind spots" are your representational systems for life. You take in sensory information to learn, express and perform.

Your cognitive Sequential and Global thinking strengths are how you prefer to process and think about sensory information.

Your strengths and blind spots define the work with which you are most aligned, how you approach life and solve problems, as well as your communication rapport with other people.

Your brain is the control centre to establish and position life direction and goals, make and implement action plans, live the life of your dreams, respond to opportunities and deal with challenges as they arise.

Step 2: "What You Can Conceive and Believe Your Brain Can Achieve"

This statement is from Napoleon Hill's epic book “Think and Grow Rich. Here are my take-aways from his book:

  • Decide what you want in life, not what you don't, because your brain will strengthen, make real and attract what you think about the most.
  • Select your highest "heart's desires" and goals. Ask the question, "Will I be pleased with this achievement in five years?"
  • Make your goals and dreams real by writing them down, illustrating them with photos and art, imagining what it will feel, sound, look, smell and taste like.
  • Remain positive and optimistic at all times.
  • Make an implementation plan using your brain strengths.  

Step 3: Trust and Use Your Brain Strengths and Those of Your "Trusted Advisors"

This last step will award and reward you with your "captain's" licence.

The key elements are to trust your brain and to multiply your brainpower with trusted advisors.

Trusted advisors have similar values and the knowledge and experience you need to accelerate the process and avoid mistakes.

In conclusion, you will live a better and more fulfilling life by using these practical neuroscience principles.

Is this not becoming the captain of your life? And, if you live life to the fullest with your highest values, and help others do the same, aren't you also the captain of your soul?

These "three steps to become the captain of your life" can be repeated, as many times you want.

There is no limit, except time itself, so use time wisely.


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