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You are the most interesting and important subject in the world. And, you will always be the centre of your world.

We would argue that one of the most exciting and often intimidating experiences of living is to gain a fuller understanding of oneself.

Some of the hurdles to self-understanding include:

·         a negative past experience;

·         a need to be right;

·         a fear of change;

·         avoidance, or

·         simply not taking the time to reflect.

Let me assure you that as you mature or have aspirations of becoming a successful business person or climbing the corporate ladder, the more important self-understanding becomes.

As you grow and develop your business, your span of responsibilities will increase, you will be facing bigger challenges, there will be a broader range of personalities to deal with and the ramifications of poor decisions increase. You need not only be self-aware but other-aware before getting yourself submerged in an avoidable crisis.

In the long run, self-knowledge will save you both time and energy.

Here are 3 steps to a better understanding of YOU.

1.    Take a personal inventory. Understand your strengths and abilities. Examine your limitations and devise a plan on how to develop them or, work around them. Look at your common behaviours under stress and learn to manage them. We all need to be aware of our personal "hot buttons."

2.    Determine what you need for optimal performance. Whether you desire limited direction, freedom to make decisions or relatively little structure--the more insight you have into yourself will help you influence and negotiate what you need.

3.    Understand how you are perceived by others. Knowing what behaviours others find appealing and those which undermine your leadership capabilities will be invaluable. Leaders cannot lead without people who are willing to follow. Your personal success will be in direct proportion to your ability to influence others.

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