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In a ruthless, globally competitive market, companies cannot afford the luxury of retaining more employees than they need. With economic constraints and technological advances, some jobs are being eliminated completely — a trend that will more than likely continue.
A new generation of sophisticated information and communication technologies, together with new forms of business re-organisation and management, is eliminating many full-time positions for hundreds and maybe even thousands of blue and white-collar workers.
What does this mean?
There is work, but it’s not the same as it used to be. There are jobs, but not the same ones offered a few years ago.  And unless you want to go after menial work, you’ll need to acquire a disciplined education and a variety of experiences, while also developing a highly valued mind.

To adjust to these changes, innovative businesses are engaging outside business and executive coaches to help management and potential leaders adjust to this new workplace by becoming more effective in mentoring and coaching their direct reports.
Our Mind(s) Matter

In Five Minds for the Future (Harvard Business School Press, 2007), noted psychologist Howard Gardner says our mind — actually, minds — matter. 
We achieve greater professional success by learning how to think and learn in new ways.
Gardner believes five different kinds of minds are critical to remaining a highly prized asset in your business or organisation, especially in times of economic cutbacks. 
The Ethical Mind

Of 462 executives who were asked, "What characteristics are needed to be an effective leader today?" 56 percent ranked ethical behavior as an important characteristic, followed by sound judgment (51%) and being adaptable/flexible (47%).   American Management Association, New York, NY

Ethically minded individuals, strive for good work and ethical balance in micro to global environments.

Four tools, while not sufficient for competent work, are probably necessary:

1.    A mission or chief aim. Without a mission or chief aim, you don’t know what you are aiming to achieve. Try to develop a clear, actionable mission statement that embodies your values.
2.    One or more good models.  Without models, doing the ethical thing is much harder.
3.    An individual version of the “mirror test.” Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you like what you see. Do you approve of what you’re doing at work? It’s easy to deceive yourself, so get confirmation from people you respect. 
4.    A professional version of the mirror test. Look into the mirror and see if your colleagues are living up to their professional obligations. If not, what can you do to improve the ethical fiber of your work colleagues?
The critical questions to ask yourself are:

1.    With which of these minds do I already show strength in?
2.    How can I improve my mental capabilities?
3.    Where can I stretch my abilities to enable growth?
4.    Which of these minds do I need to learn?
5.    Who in my organisation or my sphere of friends and family, can help mentor me?

So what are the other “four minds” I hear you ask…
1.      The Respectful Mind
2.      The Creative Mind
3.      The Synthesizing Mind
4.      The Disciplined Mind.

With thanks to Coach2Coach newsletter, May 6, 2009. For further information about the five minds, consider purchasing the book, Howard Gardner, “Five Minds for the Future”, Harvard Business School Press, 2007.

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