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pinnacle_business_03It is so easy for a company to busy itself with daily activity oblivious to its future, without reflecting, without having a vision or a sense of direction.

Today, leaders are grappling with the challenge of transforming their organisations, to adapt to increased competition, deregulation, mergers,downsizing and the globalisation of markets.

By working with business managers, company executives and/or professionals we help people build a powerful vision for their company's future, and to develop and implement appropriate strategies which will move them from current reality towards their ideal vision.

After running a successful business for 6 years most small businesses would not think that a business plan would be that important as we have got this far. I asked Phil Daly from Pinnacle Business Solutions to assist me in constructing a business plan to obtain finance to buy out my 3 partners to take our business out of a small business syndrome into a medium business mentality. 

With Phil facilitating the process I was ensured a quality outcome as he kept out business planning team on track providing some clear direction. Phil provided a very much needed sounding board as his past experiences allow him to look at the issues pragmatically making our team look at the real issues both from left of field and right in front of us that are too easily missed.

After I approached the bank to complete the $1mil buyout I was commended by them about the quality of my submission which largely was the business plan. Phil helped facilitate the thoughts of not only myself but another partner and staff members to get the best out of us.

Matthew J. Denehy
Managing Director, Eagle Insurance Brokers

We work with organisations, helping them transform their current structure and behaviours towards the "desired future". Through a facilitated workshop we help businesses be they small or large, articulate a vision which links values, purpose and mission.

PINNACLE Business Solutions offer:

  • support to grow and develop your business
  • an external, objective view
  • guidance to develop your values, purpose and strategy
  • help to manage change in a positive way
  • creative ideas that are solutions based.


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